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PRESENTATION AND HISTORY The Dentistry program at Tuiuti University has a tradition spanning over 30 years in training dentists. Throughout these years, the professionals educated at this institution have made significant contributions to enhancing oral health  both the municipality and the state of Paraná. From the very beginning, Tuiuti University has been distinguished by its focus on TMD (Temporomandibular JDisorders) and Orofacial Pain. This emphasis emerged due to the scarcity of specialized care facilities and the unwavering commitment of the university to provide this specialty, leading to the establishment of the Center for Diagnosis and Therapy of the Temporomandibular Joint (CDATM). The growth and development of CDATM eventually led to collaboration with the field of Endodontics, resulting in the creation of the Center for Diagnosis and Therapeutics in Endodontics (CD-ENDO). This integration facilitated the sharing of patient history, clinical and imaging exams, and the subsequent collaborative and differential diagnosis of pain conditions, thereby preventing misdiagnosis and ensuring that orofacial pain treatments are directed to Tuiuti University of Paraná. In this context, the Academic Master's Program in Dentistry at Tuiuti University of Paraná is a natural progression of the Dentistry course. Built on a strong pedagogical foundation, its goal is to prepare professionals to critically and comprehensively engage in teaching and research, with a focus on the transformative role of education and the impact of their actions within communities. The program received approval and a recommendation from CAPES during the 223rd CTC-ES Meeting held from August 14 to 18, 2023

    Our objectives are centered around developing values and practices that promote the training of highly skilled professionals who can excel as educators, researchers, and administrators in the field of Dentistry, with a particular emphasis on specialties like Endodontics, TMD, and Orofacial Pain

    As a result, depending on their chosen area of concentration, professionals will be prepared to:

    – Participate in teaching and take on leadership roles in higher education institutions.

    – Demonstrate strong investigative and scientific abilities, along with a critical, ethical, and reflective approach, allowing them to collaborate effectively in teams to assess and propose innovative solutions.

    – Establish knowledge hubs and research groups within universities and research institutions.

    – Cultivate partnerships within the academic community, collaborating with governmental and non-governmental organizations to initiate innovative scientific projects.

    – Address the social, scientific, and technological needs of both the public and private sectors.




    The Master’s Program in Dentistry at Tuiuti University of Paraná offers two areas of concentration:

    • Endodontics: This concentration area focuses on imparting knowledge related to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of odontogenic pain associated with pulp diseases and their impact on periapical tissues. Additionally, it encourages innovative research in materials and endodontic and restorative therapies to advance the approach and restoration of dental health and function.


    • Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) and Orofacial Pain: In this concentration area, students gain an interdisciplinary understanding of the anatomical and physiological aspects, diagnosis, and treatment options for Temporomandibular Disorders and Orofacial Pain. This field also encourages innovative research and studies into the causes and diverse clinical therapies, with the goal of restoring stomatognathic system function and improving the quality of life for individuals affected by orofacial disorders.

    *This is the only Dentistry Program in the state of Paraná with both of these areas of concentration approved and recommended by CAPES.


    The Master’s Degree in Dentistry at Tuiuti University is organized into two research areas that provide a strong foundation for its areas of concentration:

    • Anatomophysiopathological, Molecular, and Therapeutic Aspects of Orofacial Pain: This research line is dedicated to the exploration of anatomical, physiological, pathological, and molecular processes that underlie orofacial pain within the stomatognathic system. It encourages interdisciplinary collaboration by establishing connections with various dental specialties and other healthcare fields, facilitating the integration of concepts to gain a deeper understanding of systemic phenomena. This line also seeks to investigate and evaluate the effectiveness of protocols for distinguishing between odontogenic and non-odontogenic pain, while also focusing on the analysis and development of therapies for Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) and Orofacial Pain.
    • Biological Bases, Materials, and Techniques Applied to Endodontics: This research line delves into the morphology, physiology, microbiology, and pathology of dental pulp and peri-radicular tissues. It encompasses the study of normal pulp biology, etiology, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of pulp-related diseases and traumatic injuries, as well as conditions associated with peri-radicular tissues. Additionally, this line covers the examination of instruments, equipment, and techniques utilized in clinical endodontic therapy, alongside the physicochemical and biological properties of materials used in the rehabilitation of endodontically treated teeth.
    • Center for Teaching and Research in Endodontics

    Directors: Flares Baratto Filho and Camila Paiva Perin


    • Center for the Study and Research of Orofacial Conditions

    Directors: José Stechman Neto and Rosane Sampaio Santos


    Research Line

    Anatomophysiological, Molecular, and Therapeutic Aspects of Orofacial Pain

    • Investigating Clinical, Molecular, and Biochemical Factors in TMD and Orofacial Pain

    Michelle Nascimento Meger

    • Temporomandibular Dysfunction, Occlusion, and Orthodontics: Exploring the Interaction of Etiological Factors

    Erika Calvano Kuchler

    • Sleep, Breathing, and Swallowing Disorders in Patients with TMD and Orofacial Pain

    Bianca Cavalcante Leão

    • Interdisciplinarity in Dentistry: Its Interactions and Impact on TMD and Orofacial Pain

    Cristiano Miranda de Araújo

    • Myofunctional, Pathological, and Therapeutic Aspects Applied to TMD and Orofacial Pain

    José Stechman Neto

    Research Line

    Biological Foundations, Materials, and Techniques Applied in Endodontics

    • Investigation of Genes Influencing the Root Morphology of Human Teeth

    Flares Baratto Filho

    • Exploration of Etiological Factors Contributing to Susceptibility to Odontogenic Pain

    Natanael Henrique Ribeiro Mattos

    • Assessment of the Clinical and Laboratory Effectiveness of Restorative Materials in Endodontically Treated Teeth

    Thalita de Paris Matos

    • Clinical and Laboratory Evaluation of Novel Endodontic Techniques, Materials, and Imaging Resources

    Angela Deliga Schoreder

    • Performance Comparison of Rotary and Reciprocating Systems in Endodontic Treatment and Retreatment, with or without Ultrasonic Complementation

    Camila Paiva Perin

    • Dental Alveolar Trauma and Its Clinical Implications

    Liliane Roskamp


    The academic framework for the Master’s Degree in Dentistry at Tuiuti University of Paraná comprises: 9 compulsory core subjects, 8 specialized mandatory subjects (4 in Endodontics and 4 in TMD and Orofacial Pain), a teaching internship, master’s dissertation and 11 elective courses. This comprehensive program amounts to 900 hours of study and earns students 60 credits.


    For both Concentration Areas:

    • Scientific Research Methodology
    • Fundamentals of Methodology and Dynamics of Higher Education
    • Biostatistics and Epidemiology
    • Bioethics
    • Genetic Aspects, Biomarkers, and Biomodulators in Oral Conditions of Odontogenic and Non-Dental Origin
    • Anatomophysiology, Pathologies, and Diagnostic Methods of Orofacial Pain
    • Complementary Imaging Resources Applied to Clinical Diagnosis
    • Clinical Planning and Therapy
    • Fundamentals of Occlusion Applied to Restorative Dentistry

    For Endodontics:

    • Research Methodologies in Endodontics
    • Scientific Advances in Endodontic and Restorative Materials
    • Current Resources and Techniques in Endodontic and Restorative Therapy
    • Advanced Endodontics

    For TMD and Orofacial Pain:

    • Interdisciplinarity in TMD and Orofacial Pain
    • Advanced Topics in TMD and Orofacial Pain
    • Conventional, Auxiliary, and Alternative Therapies in TMD and Orofacial Pain
    • Advanced Seminars in TMD and Orofacial Pain

    Teaching Internship and Supervision of Teaching

    Master’s Dissertation

    To provide flexibility in training, students must complete at least 10 credits from the following optional courses, aligning with their technical-scientific interests and the concentration area.

    Optional Subjects:

    • Medical Therapy Applied to Endodontics, TMD, and Orofacial Pain
    • Information Technologies Applied to Dental Education
    • Advanced Studies in Dental Alveolar Injuries
    • Writing and Submission of Scientific Articles
    • Fundamentals of Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
    • Innovation, Management, and Entrepreneurship
    • Dental Occlusion, Orthodontics, and TMD
    • Sleep Aspects Applied to Orofacial Pain
    • Intervention Studies Applied to Endodontics, TMD, and Orofacial Pain
    • Comorbidities and Systemic Conditions Related to Endodontics, TMD, and Orofacial Pain
    • Data Science Applied to Dentistry

    A minimum of 10 credits must be completed from the list of optional courses.


    Research Professors 

    Drª Angela Graciela Deliga Schroder

    Lattes Curriculum

    Google Scholar

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    Dr. Bianca Lopes Cavalcante de Leão

    Lattes Curriculum

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    Drª Camila Paiva Perin

    Lattes Curriculum

    Google Scholar

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    Dr. Cristiano Miranda de Araújo

    Lattes Curriculum

    Google Scholar

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    Drª Erika Calvano Kuchler

    Lattes Curriculum

    Google Scholar

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    Dr. Jose Stechman Neto

    Lattes Curriculum:

    Google Scholar: [email protected]

    Research ID: V-5941-2017

    Scopus Author ID: 200619-018575

    ORCID: 0000-0002-0259-2420

    Drª Liliane Roskamp

    Lattes Curriculum

    Google Scholar

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    Drª Michelle Nascimento Meger

    Lattes Curriculum

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    Dr. Natanael Henrique Ribeiro Mattos

    Lattes Curriculum

    Google Scholar

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    Drª Thalita de Paris Matos

    Lattes Curriculum

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    General Coordinator

    Dr. Flares Baratto Filho

    Lattes Curriculum

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    The Master’s Degree program in Dentistry at Tuiuti University of Paraná boasts a well-equipped clinical and laboratory infrastructure that caters to the diverse needs of its teaching and research endeavors. To support the unique requirements of various research lines and projects, the institution offers both common and specialized laboratories. The following facilities are shared across multiple areas and research lines:

    • Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Cell Culture
    • Digital Facial Tomography Laboratory
    • Clinical Facilities and Laboratories
    • Dentistry Research Laboratory

    For researchers focusing on the Anatomophysiopaphysiological, Molecular, and Therapeutic Aspects of Orofacial Pain, a range of specific and interdisciplinary laboratories are at their disposal:

    • CD-ATM Laboratory
    • Orofacial Alteration Laboratory
    • Audiology Laboratory

    Similarly, for those engaged in research on Biological Bases, Materials, and Techniques Applied to Endodontics, a dedicated set of specialized laboratories is available:

    • CD-ENDO Laboratory
    • Materials Laboratory
    • Endodontics Research Laboratory

    These state-of-the-art facilities are instrumental in facilitating cutting-edge research and advancing knowledge in the field of dentistry.


    The Master’s Program in Dentistry at Tuiuti University of Paraná has been establishing fruitful international cooperation and exchange agreements with the Department of Orthodontics at the University of Regensburg and the University of Bonn in Germany, as well as the University of Paris.

    With the German universities, these partnerships hold strategic importance due to the interdisciplinary nature of Orthodontics, which plays a fundamental role in addressing Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD), Orofacial Pain, and specific aspects of Endodontics. These areas encompass a wide range of research topics, including root resorptions, pulp nodule formation, malocclusion conditions, hormonal and genetic factors, as well as craniofacial growth and development associated with orofacial pain.

    With the Orofacial Neurobiology Laboratory at the University of Paris, work has pointed out aspects of interest for the development of both diagnosis and treatment of craniofacial pain, such as headaches and degenerative diseases, among others.

    This collaborative effort has yielded a substantial body of work, resulting in over 50 joint publications between the institutions. These partnerships not only encourage academic exchange but also facilitate the mobility of both faculty members and students, while providing essential infrastructure for collaborative research endeavors.

    To exemplify the productive publications stemming from the collaboration between Tuiuti’s permanent faculty and their German counterparts, the following notable works deserve mention:

    1) Bergamo AZN, Madalena IR, Omori MA, Ramazzotto LA, Nelson-Filho P, Baratto Filho F, Proff P, Kirschneck C, Küchler EC. Estrogen deficiency during puberty affects the expression of microRNA30a and microRNA503 in the mandibular condyle.
    Ann Anat. 2022 Feb;240:151865. doi: 10.1016/j.aanat.2021.151865. via%3Dihub

    2) Herrmann S, Küchler EC, Reis CLB, Paddenberg E, Zbidat N, Mattos NHR, Schröder A, Proff P, Kirschneck C. Association of third molar agenesis and microdontia with genetic polymorphisms in vitamin-D-related genes. Ann Anat. 2022 Jun 20;244:151972. doi: 10.1016/j.aanat.2022.151972. via%3Dihub

    3) Küchler EC, de Oliveira Stroparo JL, Bitencourt Reis CL, Ullrich N, Olsson B, Scariot R, Matsumoto MN, Ribeiro Mattos NH, Proff P, Baratto-Filho F, Kirschneck C. Oral Cleft Related-Genes may be Involved in Root Curvature of Maxillary Lateral Incisors. Cleft Palate Craniofac J. 2022 Aug 17:10556656221121062. doi: 10.1177/10556656221121062.

    4) Ribeiro LG, Antunes LS, Küchler EC, Baratto-Filho F, Kirschneck C, Guimarães LS, Antunes LAA. Impact of malocclusion treatments on Oral Health-Related Quality of Life: an overview of systematic reviews. Clin Oral Investig. 2023 Mar;27(3):907-932. doi: 10.1007/s00784-022-04837-8.

    5) Küchler EC, Reis CLB, Carelli J, Scariot R, Nelson-Filho P, Coletta RD, Paza AO, Matsumoto MAN, Proff P, Kirschneck C. Potential interactions among single nucleotide polymorphisms in bone- and cartilage-related genes in skeletal malocclusions. Orthod Craniofac Res. 2021 May;24(2):277-287. doi: 10.1111/ocr.12433.

    6) Silva-Sousa AC, Marañón-Vásquez GA, Stuani MBS, Proff P, Andrades KMR, Baratto-Filho F, Matsumoto MAN, Paddenberg E, Küchler EC, Kirschneck C. Genetic variants in bone morphogenetic proteins signaling pathway might be involved in palatal rugae phenotype in humans. Sci Rep. 2021 Jun 16;11(1):12715. doi: 10.1038/s41598-021-92169-0.

    7) Küchler EC, Stroparo JLO, Matsumoto MN, Scariot R, Perin CP, Roskamp L, Menezes-Oliveira MAH, Proff P, Kirschneck C, Baratto-Filho F. Assessing the prevalence of S-shaped root canal and associated genes in humans. Ann Anat. 2022 Jul 1:151977. doi: 10.1016/j.aanat.2022.151977. via%3Dihub

    8) Madalena IR, Marañón-Vásquez GA, Omori MA, de Sousa ET, da Silveira HA, León JE, Baratto-Filho F, Alves SYF, Stuani MBS, Nelson-Filho P, Kirschneck C, Küchler EC. Evaluation of tooth eruption rate of incisor teeth in rats with estrogen deficiency. Clin Oral Investig. 2023 Jan;27(1):345-352. doi: 10.1007/s00784-022-04738-w.

    9) Ramirez I, Kirschneck C, Corrêa Silva-Sousa A, Proff P, S Antunes L, Gabbardo MCL, Silva Barroso de Oliveira D, Sousa-Neto MD, Baratto-Filho F, Küchler EC. The investigation of WNT6 and WNT10A single nucleotide polymorphisms as potential biomarkers for dental pulp calcification in orthodontic patients. PLoS One. 2023 Aug 11;18(8):e0288782. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0288782. id=10.1371/journal.pone.0288782

    10) Marañón-Vásquez G, Küchler EC, Hermann S, Paddenberg E, Schröder A, Baratto-Filho F, Flores-Mir C, Proff P, Kirschneck C. Association between genetic variants in key vitamin-D-pathway genes and external apical root resorption linked to orthodontic treatment. Eur J Oral Sci. 2023 Apr;131(2):e12916. doi: 10.1111/eos.12916.


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    General coordination: Prof. Dr. Flares Baratto Filho

    Email: [email protected]

    Lattes Curriculum




    Dean of Graduate Studies, Research and Extension – PROPPE – 1º floor

    Rua Padre Ladislau Kula, 395, Santo Inácio

    Curitiba, Paraná – ZIP CODE: 82.010.210


    Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.


    Phone: (41) 3331-7644 and (41) 3331-7706

    Email: [email protected]


    Social networks play a pivotal role in the widespread dissemination of scientific knowledge and the communication of the findings derived from Master’s Program in Dentistry at Tuiuti University of Paraná. Through our social media platforms, you can stay abreast of clinical, pedagogical, and research developments in the field of Orofacial Pain. Don’t miss out—stay connected with us here!


    38ª Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society of Dental Research – SBPqO

    In 2021, professors and students of Tuiuti University participated in the 38th annual meeting of SBPqO, where they presented 13 works during the event that took place remotely. During the event, the work entitled “Influence of Clinical Factors and IL4 and IL6 Genes on Reimplanted Permanent Teeth” received the MYAKI ISSAO AWARD in area 2 (Endodontics).

    39ª Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society of Dental Research – SBPqO

    In 2022, professors and students of Tuiuti University participated in the 39th annual meeting of SBPqO, where they presented 18 papers during the event that took place remotely. During the event, the work entitled “Oxygen Desaturation Index in Adults with Sleep Bruxism” received the MYAKI ISSAO AWARD in area 6 (Oclusion and TMJ).

    40ª Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society of Dental Research – SBPqO

    In 2023, professors and students of Tuiuti University participated in the 40ª Annual Meeting of SBPqO, where they presented works during the 3 days of the event.


    In this space, the dissertations defended by PPGO students can be accessed in full.


    If you want to follow the history of evaluations of the PPGO of Tuiuti University by CAPES, go to: Sucupira Platform


    Graduate programs of the highest caliber, like Master’s Program in Dentistry at Tuiuti University of Paraná undergo a rigorous self-assessment process, overseen by the Program Self-Assessment Commission (CAP) in collaboration with the Own Evaluation Commission (CPA). Within this framework, the self-assessment principles of PPGO Tuiuti are deeply rooted in the Program’s mission, vision, values, and objectives, alongside the institutional policies of UTP.


    This ongoing process of self-evaluation is dedicated to enhancing the visibility of Master’s Program in Dentistry at Tuiuti University of Paraná, with the ultimate goal of establishing the Program as a benchmark at both regional and national levels within its areas of expertise. Our self-assessment methodologies are thoughtfully crafted, embodying ethical and moral principles that prioritize transparency, honesty, impartiality, and professionalism in the execution of the committee’s duties.

    Consequently, the self-assessment process serves as a catalyst for continuous improvement initiatives that are closely aligned with the principles of innovation and socio-environmental responsibility upheld by our institution. Furthermore, these efforts harmonize seamlessly with the Institutional Development Plan (PDI), ensuring that PPGO Tuiuti remains at the forefront of academic excellence and contributes positively to the broader educational landscape.


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    Curitiba, situated in the southern region of Brazil, proudly serves as the capital of the Paraná state. With an estimated population of approximately 1.9 million residents, as reported by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) in 2021, it ranks among the most populous cities in the nation. What sets Curitiba apart is its pioneering commitment to sustainability, making it one of Brazil’s foremost eco-conscious cities, championing practices like recycling and the promotion of public transportation.

    Afonso Pena International Airport stands as the primary gateway to Curitiba and its surrounding metropolitan area. Nestled in São José dos Pinhais, roughly 18 km from Curitiba’s core, this airport ranks among Brazil’s busiest, facilitating both domestic and international travel.

    Curitiba’s reputation for efficient and seamlessly integrated public transportation is well-deserved. Bi-articulated buses and tube stations expedite commuting within the city, setting a national benchmark for public transit efficiency. Curious travelers often flock to the city to witness this remarkable transportation system in action, drawn by its effectiveness and commitment to sustainability.

    For those traveling beyond the city’s limits, the Curitiba Bus Station, also known as the Curitiba Bus Terminal, serves as a crucial ground transportation hub. It connects Curitiba to numerous cities across Brazil, and even extends its reach to neighboring countries like Argentina and Paraguay.

    The cost of living in Curitiba varies based on personal lifestyle choices, including housing, dining, transportation, and leisure activities. In comparison to other major Brazilian cities, Curitiba’s cost of living can be considered moderate.

    Beyond its eco-friendly initiatives, Curitiba is renowned for its abundant green spaces and well-planned urban landscapes. The city boasts numerous parks and forests, such as the Botanical Garden, Barigui Park, and the German Forest. Moreover, Curitiba stands as a vibrant cultural hub, home to museums, theaters, art galleries, and year-round cultural events.

    In this vibrant urban context, the Master’s Program in Dentistry is offered at Tuiuti University of Paraná’s campus, conveniently located at Rua Padre Ladislau Kula, 395, in the Santo Inácio neighborhood. The campus enjoys excellent accessibility via public transportation, is adjacent to BR 277, and is in proximity to the scenic Barigui Park.